First example of new RFL charges with fine dished out for pre-season clash

The RFL introduced a new element to their disciplinary process that was announced at the Rugby League Council in December.

The change would introduce more lenient sentencing for offences with fines set to be utilised instead of simply suspensions.

Consequent to the change in the system the less severe disciplinary matters that would have resulted in a one or two game ban, will instead be reduced to a fine.

Further details on the changes to the system can be found here, however it seems that we saw the first example of it in use yesterday with action taken over the weekend games.

With last week being the first large slate of fixtures, with seven games played on Sunday, it obviously was more likely that a charge would occur.

Even in pre-season players are incredibly competitive and it’s up to referees to maintain complete control.

Following North Wales Crusaders 10-try loss to Barrow Raiders, one of their players was charged with a category B offence, one which would have earned a one of two game ban under the previous laws.

However under the new laws the player in question, David Gibbons, received a £40 fine, per the Match Review Panel.

The change will obviously see a minor financial cost to players however it’s a punishment that is far more in line with the type of offence and will only serve to help teams and players, as opposed to over the top match bans.

With the season around the corner it’s good to see the system in action so any wrinkles can be ironed out before the league seasons start with the Championship set to open on the first weekend of February, just two weeks away.

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