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Financial question could stop Super League club ahead of stadium redevelopment

There have been reports recently that Hull KR are about to begin work on further expanding and developing the East Stand such as been the demand for tickets and season ticket sales.

Now speaking to the Hull KR supporters council meeting, Chief Executive Paul Lakin has confirmed that they have explored this possibility.

Lakin has said that architects have looked at the possibility but the decision to carry out the work is all about the financial implications.

He said: “We are exploring this at the moment, the architects are looking at this and we are due the first design briefs next week – not sure if we will go ahead, as it will all be about costs.”

He also confirmed further plans for the stadium including an LED screen:

“The updates have gone along; the installation of sprinklers for the pitch is happening now, this will mean that the pitch can be watered at 2am when there is less demand for water, all will be automated.
The big screen, 42 square metres, will be installed in January 2024. We have some extra software to use with the screen, we can do additional things on matchdays, kiss cam etc. It will be installed onto a shipping container, although no-one will notice it is a shipping container as it will be well covered.

“The new website will be launching post-Christmas, this is really important for the Club – it will be used as an information tool to put information onto the website for supporters, both home and away.

“There may be issues later regarding a reduction in car parking but we are trying to tackle the issue the best we can. This will be the big first tangible project. The first team building is still in progress. We are getting new speakers installed at the stadium, these were last updated the previous time PL was at the club, 2006. The speakers will be in place for the beginning of the season. These ground improvements are as a direct result of the new Board of Directors.”

Hull KR are in a excellent position to grow as a club moving forward.

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