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Financial concerns of Championship clubs addressed as dreaded LED screen question raised

Within the criticism of IMG’s proposals has been a somewhat ironic focus on the inclusion of having an LED screen at your ground within them.

This has been criticised by some and was referenced by Keighley Cougars in the past who are very much against IMG’s proposed changes.

This led to a question to RFL CEO Tony Sutton following the amending of the IMG criteria about these LED screens and whether the criteria means Championship clubs need backers to ensure Super League promotion.

He answered:

“What is not included in the grading criteria is the financial model that will sit next to it. It’s a core point of what we do with clubs every year in terms of future financial distributions will look like.

“What we did with the re-alignment project was that part of the process of putting all of the games broadcast, sponsorship, commercial and event assets into Rugby League Commercial was then to agree the cascade across the game and that was a direct response to club’s views.

“We embedded those percentages and that financial waterfall probably 18 months to a year ago in consultation with the game. So we’ve got that financial model across the whole game set in terms of percentage allocations for the first time in a long time.

“So the financial model that comes across all 36 teams in the professional tier is driven by that however the point that you raise in terms of the differential between the two is certainly something that will be up for debate again, and whilst it’s not included in the model at this time but it will be in the right time in the next few months.”

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