Featherstone slam Championship decision

Featherstone Rovers have slammed the decision to end the Championship early, and accused other clubs of a lack of desire.

The decision was made yesterday, just hours after Toronto Wolfpack confirmed they were pulling out of the Super League. Featherstone had declared an interest in replacing them.

They have also said they could lose over £1.3m as a result. They also accuse the RFL of misleading clubs over testing.

The statement says: “The RFL have mislead clubs with an unsupported cost figure for testing of £5,000 per week. To this day, club officials still haven’t had any documentation or evidence to support this figure for weekly testing.

“Featherstone officials believe the decision is not in the best interests of the financial security of clubs or indeed the safety of players.

“But instead, the lack of desire from clubs to resume the season and therefore secure their place in the Championship without a match being played.

“Some clubs in the Championship and League One are becoming victims of their own ambitions and it is apparent now that they are being held back, making it increasingly difficult for new investors, sponsors, partners and supporters to join ambitious clubs.”

Featherstone are set to lose £1.3m as a result of the season being cancelled. Credit: News Images

The club also took aim at the proposed new competition adding: “It is also confusing why a voluntary celebratory competition can be played, but a meaningful season that is key to so many clubs at this level cannot resume despite the latest developments on socially distanced crowd participation.

“Overall, Featherstone Rovers are exceptionally disappointed with this decision and do not understand the reasoning behind a verdict that will impact so many clubs at this level in the sport.”

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