Featherstone Rovers star set for spell on sidelines after “life threatening” injury in “freak” incident

Featherstone Rovers have confirmed that star man Craig Hall is set for some time on the sidelines after a “freak injury.”

The incident happened whilst he was celebrating a try in Featherstone’s latest win over Whitehaven as they look like the front runners for promotion.

Hall said on Rovers TV: “In the second half against Whitehaven, I went over to congratulate him and his shoulder blade went into my throat and I have not really thought anything of it at the time and carried on with the game.

“After the game and I couldn’t speak and I took a bit of a turn yesterday.”

Hall has taken to Twitter to thank those at Pinderfields for their help with what was a life threatening injury:

“Massive thank you from myself to the staff at Pinderfields Hospital for what they did for me last night.

“Who knew a daft knock as it was on Sunday could of ended up so serious. When a Doctor tells you something could be life threatening it knocks you back a little.

“For those wondering (and so I don’t need to repeat it over & over %) The blow to my neck caused a crack in my cartilage around my throat.

“It then went on to bleed causing a hematoma around my voice box, which is the route air takes to fill the lungs.

“If the swelling would of got to big and the route closed then the lungs get no air! Luckily things haven’t gone that far and I’ll be mended and back on the field asap! If you could share this so the staff at hospital could possibly see it I would appreciate it.”

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