Featherstone Rovers chief executive hits back at Toulouse

Crowd trouble Featherstone

The tit-for-tat between Featherstone Rovers and Toulouse Olympique has not only heightened the rivalry on the field, but off it also.

And, Featherstone chief executive Martin Vickers is determined to get in the last word in an update to Rovers’ fans.

“Enough said about the Toulouse matters where I’m now told I’m playing “mind games”, Vickers said.

“Well all I can say I was positively encouraged by the RFL and Toulouse to rearrange our game in Toulouse and was twice rejected by Toulouse, I don’t see that as “mind games”, just saying it as it is!”

Vickers was also keen to stress that the focus for this week is firmly on beating Halifax in the semi-final play-offs.

“Anyway, Toulouse is far from our minds at the moment as Halifax present a massive hurdle for us this weekend. Just like Widnes were in the 1895 Cup Semi Final, one of our toughest games of the year.

“This game against our old rivals Halifax will be no different. We need all our season ticket holders and supporters to get right behind us for this game, it is disappointing to see in Super League play-off fixtures that season ticket holders have been staying away for the big games, this is our chance to differentiate our great Club and demonstrate the value we bring to the game.”

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