Featherstone reveal statement on star’s racist comment

Featherstone Rovers have revealed a statement from Ben Blackmore outlining the winger’s regret for his actions that led him getting a ten-week ban.

Blackmore, who played in Super League for Huddersfield in 2013 and 2014, was charged with three breaches of the RFL’s operational rules and found guilty when he appeared in front of an operational rules tribunal back in May.

The winger was found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute by posting a racist comment on social media, replying to a Sheffield team picture saying: ‘Who’s the locked player?’, a term used in computer gaming where particular players have their identity or character hidden by being silhouetted and their faces being blacked.

As well as bringing the game into disrepute, 28-year-old Blackmore was found guilty of failing to observe codes of conduct and unacceptable language or behaviour.

The RFL says it received several complaints, including one from victim Rob Worrincy, who said “it made me feel a combination of emotions from anger, upset and disappointment”.

But, now Blackmore has been included in Rovers’ 21-man squad for this weekend’s fixture and the winger has since apologised.

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