Featherstone respond to RFL in defiant statement

Crowd trouble Featherstone

Featherstone Rovers has responded to the RFL’s decision to dock Rovers two points and fine them £10,000 following an alleged social gathering at the club in March of this year.

Featherstone released this statement:

The outcome is particularly disappointing given that the club had satisfied both West Yorkshire Police’s investigation and a local authority hearing, both of whom conceded that the club had not knowingly been uncooperative.

The club stands by its duty of care to players and staff and the need to provide facilities as outlined in the HSE Workplace guidelines.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the club have maintained a leading safety record.  This is attributed to the hard work of both playing and off field staff to ensure rigorous testing and good practices were in place.

In the interest of the sport as a whole, the club undertook two difficult fixtures despite the RFL’s own COVID framework allowing for these games to be postponed or cancelled.

The club’s ownership and management will now reflect on this decision before making further comment.

Rovers sit in second in the Championship table following a 23-6 defeat to Toulouse at the weekend after winning their previous 11.

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Richard Palliser
Richard Palliser
1 year ago

Not in the spirit of those rules, agreed by all the clubs, as a vehicle to steer the sport through difficult times.
There where two games to be played fev, crossing swords with the RFL costs you one of the games. Be humble, accept you made an error of judgement, concentrate on entertaining rugby football and move on please.

Robert Sinclair
Robert Sinclair
1 year ago

what fine did Batley receive as they were there aswell?