Featherstone hit with controversy

Crowd trouble Featherstone

Featherstone Rovers have been hunting a Super League spot for the past decade or so, but it finally appears as though they could be heading in that direction.

However, they will have to overcome French side Toulouse Olympique as well as potential other challengers before they can start popping the champagne corks.

That being said, the confidence of the West Yorkshire club is oozing through their veins with a new play-off range being brought into the Featherstone store.

That itself isn’t controversial, but the image on the shirt is.

The new range shows a boarding pass with a Championship start point and a Super League end point, with the passenger being ‘Featherstone Rovers RLFC’.

Naturally, such a development demonstrates Rovers’ confidence that they will reach the top flight at the end of the season, however, it could still prove to be a little premature.

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