Featherstone chairman has big say on what licence the Rovers will target under IMG

Last night Featherstone proved that they are the cream of the crop in the Championship as they edged Bradford Bulls last night.

It is a big week for rugby league with IMG re-imagining the sport and revealing their grading criteria this week for Super League licences.

This information will be revealed on Thursday around lunchtime.

So, a big week for the future of Super League, remarkably Featherstone have never been apart of it but are edging ever closer.

They are ready too for these licences and Chairman Mark Campbell has underlined the potential of the Rovers and what licence he believes the Rovers will get.

He spoke during last night’s clash on ViaPlay.

He said: “I’ve seen lots of clubs saying that they’re Grade A clubs and professing that they should be preserved in Super League forever.

“We are a very honest speaking bunch and we always know there is an improvement. But we’ve built a stadium shifting three stands from a football team so we know all about hard work and we know about improvement.

“I think we would be with many clubs including some in Super League with a B license aspiring to be an A.”

At this moment it seems the Rovers are on track for Super League promotion this season but they want to stay there and these licences are the key for them.

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