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Fans blast “filthy” stadium upon return

For a return to the KCOM Stadium, Hull FC fans were excited. That was, until, they got in the stands.

Fans were appalled, blasting a “filthy” stadium that had dirty seats, no running water at one point and broken toilet seats as well as other health hazards.

Over 5,500 fans attended Hull’s 10-27 loss to Catalans and a host of supporters have notified the Stadium Management Company (SMC) who were paid around £50,000 to host the game, according to the Hull Daily Mail.

The SMC were paid on the proviso that the stadium would be cleaned, but fans were horrified at the state, especially those who were interviewed.

“There was pigeon droppings all over the floor and the seats, the toilets were filthy and could not be flushed, there was no soap in most of the toilets and there was no running water to wash hands.

“At any time this is not acceptable but it was made even worse with Covid-19.”

Another fan added: “At this present time I wouldn’t return to another game.

“If we do we would certainly want to see some improvements and some guarantees form the SMC that these things have been put right and if people aren’t going to wear their masks appropriately then they should be removed from the stadium because they are putting everybody else at risk.

Others simply said: “During a pandemic where hand washing is paramount the SMC let us down completely.”

One fan even claimed: “There was a pile of feathers near us from a dead bird.”

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