Exclusive: ‘There can never be a law that decides what someone does with their own body’ – Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont speaks out on vaccination program

With the recent COVID-19 vaccination programs running throughout the UK and indeed the world, it has been one of the most divisive issues throughout society.

The same can be said of in rugby league as well, with Super League and the RFL urging players to get the vaccine, though compulsory vaccination has not been introduced like in the NRL.

But, for Leigh Centurions owner, Derek Beaumont, the idea of a compulsory is one that should never come to fruition.

“There can never be a law that decides what someone does with their own personal body,” Beaumont told Serious About Rugby League.

“That just goes against the whole of humanity and what people over centuries have stood for.

“If there is one thing you retain your right to do in the world and in life is to determine what is put in your body.

“The only person that has an adverse effect on is you – if the vaccine works it protects the individual, there are loads of people triple jabbed with Covid, my mother-in-law is one.

“It’s spreading like wildfire, irrespective of the vaccine there is no moral obligation or social responsibility to have it, its nobody’s business.”

Beaumont also believes that the French government rules – making vaccines compulsory for all sportsmen entering the country – is completely wrong.

“What France are doing is ridiculous and ultimately this is a UK competition governed by a UK governing body and therefore our rules should be what are abided by.

“If France cannot allow our players to go there then because some of our players are not vaccinated then they can’t compete or they come and play the games over here.

“You can’t have teams disadvantaged going over playing Toulouse or Catalans because some of their players are deciding to follow the rules in our country and not take the vaccine for whatever reason.”

The Leigh Centurions owner also believes that the world needs to ‘move on’.

“People have got good reasons to decide not to have it, they’ve had Covid and not been unwell.

“There have been no rugby players hospitalised with Covid, yet we’ve seen all the games over the last two years being cancelled and disrupted and the number of figures of positive cases so there’s not a problem anyway.

“Would you want an athlete to put something in their body that was produced in nine moths of an unknown virus becoming known and mass produced.

“The world needs to move on, what is wrong is treating unvaccinated people differently to vaccinated people?”

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10 months ago

Derek is absolutely spot on. 👍👍👍