Exclusive: The NRL has ‘a lack of respect’ for Super League according to Paul Sculthorpe

Paul Sculthorpe had his fair share of battles against Australians and New Zealanders in his time at St Helens.

Numerous battles in the World Club Challenge as well as international games with Great Britain and England made Sculthorpe world-renowned with his name carrying so much weight in both hemispheres.

Like most rugby league supporters in the UK, the 44-year-old has had his own opinion on the World Club Challenge situation that seems to have developed a spat between Saints and Penrith Panthers Down Under.

With St Helens stating that they had received no contact from Penrith since sending out feelers at the end of last year and the Panthers saying exactly the same, communication has broken down.

But, Sculthorpe believes that administrators in Australia need to give more credit to Super League and Rugby League in the UK.

“It’s not surprising that it isn’t going ahead,” Sculthorpe told Serious About Rugby League.

“I don’t think our game gets the respect in Australia that it deserves and that’s why.

“In that respect, it would be great to win the World Cup come November.

“If Saints are saying they’ve not had any response, then they haven’t, what’s to be gained in making that up?

“Everything that happened with the World Cup in 2021, that response doesn’t surprise me.”

Sculthorpe was, however, quick to point out that players in the NRL want such international fixtures to go ahead.

“I’ve played against Brisbane twice when we’ve won, you only have to look at the disappointment on the faces of Darren Lockyer & co. after the game.

“They are top class players coming over to the UK to win…at the end of the day it’s Great Britain vs Australia!”