Exclusive: Paul Sculthorpe’s current career with honest future admission

Paul Sculthorpe has to go down in history as one of the greatest rugby league players of all time.

Having won everything in the domestic game, Sculthorpe battered his way through on the international stage – and that is exactly where his current job lies, alongside a variety of other roles.

“I’m on the England Coaching staff,” Sculthorpe told Serious About Rugby League.

“I work with Waney (Shaun Wane) and Paul Anderson with the England Senior team & Knights.

“I was approached about the role in 2016, and jumped at the chance to coach alongside the best players in our country.

“I also have an ambassador role with Saints, working more on the commercial side.

“Alongside that, I do media work with Betfred, including a column in the St Helens Star.

Alongside my employment, I own Rhino Rugby League & Evolve Brand Sport, so still heavily involved in the game at both professional and community levels.” Sculthorpe also works with Birmingham based high-tech recruitment firm Boardrm, connecting his vast network of contacts & clients.

Despite being so highly revered in the sport, Sculthorpe’s ambition was never to become a head coach.

“Head coaching isn’t something I wanted to do, I’ve always enjoyed business and life outside of RL, and as any head coach will tell you, that is a job you have to live and breathe! When you finish playing you get a big part of your life back, and the ability to do other things.

“My business partner Tony Colquitt, was Sales Director at Gillette when I had the sponsorship deal with them back in the early 2000’s, and where we became friends.

“He went on to become Chief Executive at Saints, where we worked together on the commercial side before setting up in business in 2011.”

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