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Exclusive: Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont calls for two major rule changes

Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont will always have his say on the sport.

And, in an extensive interview with Serious About Rugby League, the owner of AB Sundecks has revealed the rule changes he would incorporate if he was in charge of the sport.

“I think we need to change some of the rules of the game,” Beaumont said.

“Number one, I think there is too much emphasis placed on the referees, the job they have to do is far too difficult when you look at the decisions in a split second.

“The problem a lot of people have got in the game, they referee as well as they can and what they see and they make mistakes just like players – ultimately, though, if they get a decision wrong and that’s piggybacking  team out of yardage into good ball.

“Say, for example, you could give offside at almost every play but then if they do and it’s on play five it’s a massive thing.

“Why should the punishment be so severe if someone is offside – they do gain an advantage and there needs to be a consequence to it.

“If Leigh are offside on play four coming out of yardage why doesn’t the referee leave it at play four from where the person was offside and they play the ball there.

“So the team has gained an advantage from the other side being offside but it doesn’t alter the whole weight of the game – the punishment is way too excessive for what is potentially gained.”

Beaumont also went on to describe what his second rule change would be.

“I don’t understand why, if you knock the ball on, you have to give it straight away to the other team.

“Say Leigh are on play three, carry the ball and knock the ball on but bounce back on it they should now be on play four from when they’ve landed on it.

“You’ve gained no advantage but you’re still able to complete your set, people would be more inclined to pass the ball about and be more expansive especially coming out of yardage.”

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