Exclusive: Jack Welsby speaks on reported NRL interest

This week we have seen Leeds Rhinos and St Helens stars Harry Newman and Jack Welsby again linked with huge NRL moves once more.

Welsby has routinely been linked with a move to the NRL after his performances in last year’s World Cup as well as his World Club Challenge heroics.

Welsby has continued his heroics on the international stage yet again in 2023 captaining England to a series win over Tonga and after the second test Welsby spoke to Serious About Rugby League.

He said: “I don’t think it was the prettiest of games. I think we did what we needed to do within the first half and we just defended it in the second I reckon. We’ve probably seen a couple of opportunities that we should have iced, didn’t ice and then let it spiral out of control.

“So yeah, there’s a lot for us to work on to next week but we’re going to enjoy this tonight. We’ve won the series, it’s game over, we’ve won. So, yeah.”

Asked about the experience of captaining the side to a series victory, Welsby added: “Yeah, no definitely, I’ve really enjoyed the experience and George has been there helping out and like I will be for him next week.

“We’re both pretty new to this role and obviously he’s been around a little longer than me, a little smarter, a little more know-how about the game, but I said I’d be there to support him next week. I’ve been captain, but we’ve got people like John Bevan, and Victor Radley, it’s been pretty easy.”

“I think obviously we had two contrasting games against them. We had one last night and one when we battered them. So to have two tough games like this in tough conditions and come out on the right side of it is very pleasing.”

Asked about if England should play a series in Australia before long, Welsby said: “Yeah, well I don’t know exactly what’s coming up but I’m pretty sure there will be opportunities to go and play over there. I just need to make sure I’m in that squad.”

But of course these reports in Australia claim that Welsby could be Australia bound at club level before long.

On this, Welsby said: “Oh no, I’ve not even seen it so I must be doing something right to get the link to go over there. I’ve still got two years of Saints and as it stands I’m going to be playing my rugby there next year so that’s all I care about.

“I’m obviously concerned about getting a series win over Tonga and we’ve done that in the first few concerned about getting a series win over Tonga and we’ve done that in the first few games. 2-0.”