Exclusive: Inside Keighley Cougars stand against IMG proposals as they agree with most ideas but disagree with crucial element

The IMG proposals have been one of the biggest talking points in rugby league history.

This is because they proposed the end of regular promotion and relegation to and from Super League with a return to licensing.

This could see top clubs like Leeds Rhinos, St Helens and Wigan Warriors with Grade A ratings exempt from relegation.

However, only one club voted against the proposals in the shape of Keighley Cougars and one of their stars has shed more light on their decision.

Speaking exclusively to Serious About Rugby League, Dane Chisholm explained: “I’ve not personally looked into the proposal, but I have had some talks with the powers that be, so I do know that they agreed to a lot of the proposal. Keighley only disagreed with some being exempt from relegation. Their views are that it should be equal opportunities across the board in rugby league.”

Chisholm has been one of the clubs many exciting signings over the last 12 months showing the ambition that underlines their views on this.

Chisholm has loved life at the Cougars saying: “I’m loving it at Keighley, it’s a club that’s been on the up for a Few years now. They are very ambitious and do things a bit differently. The clubs ran very well at the top, we also have a really good bunch of lads & coaching staff here. The boys have all come back into pre-season in pretty good shape so we have hit the ground running. With the squad we have put together now I think we can be a pretty decent rugby team.”

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