Exclusive: Former Castleford Tigers star Jesse Sene-Lefao reveals future plans

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If anyone has embraced British life more than Jesse Sene-Lefao then the world needs to know about it.

With his UK citizenship coming into being a few weeks ago following a four-year stay on these shores, Sene-Lefao is fully immersed into British culture.

Add into that the way he is received in the towns around Castleford and Featherstone and the Samoan international could create one hell of a legacy in West Yorkshire.

His decision to apply for UK citizenship came from the love of the country, but also the cost of previous work visas necessary to stay in Britain, as he revealed to Serious About Rugby League.

“My vivas were so expensive for our family with the cost being somewhere around £16,000,” Sene-Lefao said.

“It was really important to me and I really wanted the British visa so we could get the indefinite leave.

“I was a bit picky to be honest, I love this country and I wanted to make sure we could stay here for however long we wanted.”

Sene-Lefao joked: “I’ve got many kids now and we can get a few British passports!

The passports seemingly infer that the 31-year-old plans to stay in the UK after retirement, but his wife has other ideas.

“I want to stay when I retire, but if you ask my wife she wants the opposite!

“We will cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Sene-Lefao will play in Featherstone Rovers colours from 2022 onwards.

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