Exclusive: Derek Beaumont reveals what he would do differently to ensure Leigh Centurions stayed in Super League

Leigh Centurions have been a bit of a quandary the past decade.

Twice they have earned promotion to Super League, but twice they have come straight back down the following season.

For owner Derek Beaumont, that has spurred on major changes with his tactics on how to approach a Super League season – if it does indeed come in 2022.

“The big issue I had in 2018 was that I had players on two- or three-year contracts and then we didn’t even make the Championship play-offs,” Beaumont told Serious About Rugby League.

“And it became a massive void that was insurmountable when you’ve got a two million pound gap.

“The lesson learnt from that is I’ve just given one-year contracts so ultimately at the end of the season if we don’t succeed, the club isn’t in a perilous position if I didn’t have the appetite to continue.”

Beaumont is, however, determined to help Leigh reach the top flight once more.

“It’s been ten years since I got hold of the club and we’ve had highs and lows and we’ve had a go in Super League twice and come down.

“We had the hassle in 2018 and I’m not giving up as everything I’ve spent so far would be in vain if I did that.”

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