Exclusive: Dane Chisholm has his say on whether Featherstone Rovers belong in Super League

Dane Chisholm was once a part of Featherstone Rovers’ promotion aspirations but now he will be looking to defeat them in the Betfred Championship with new club Keighley Cougars.

The creative player joined the Cougars from Featherstone mid-way through the 2022 season and helped them secure promotion.

Chisholm moved after missing out on game time at Featherstone as Brian McDermott signed the likes of Ryley Jacks and Jonathan Ford.

However, Chisholm has now bad blood towards the club and believes they’re a club who belong in Super League.

Speaking exclusively to Serious About Rugby League, he said: “Yeah definitely I’d like to see them in Super League. They’ve been at the top end of championship for a long time now. I really hope they get there in the near future.”

Speaking of Super League and promotion, Chisholm also shed more light on his current club Keighley’s stance against the IMG proposals regarding promotion and relegation.

They were the only club to vote against this move.

He said: I’ve not personally looked into the proposal, but I have had some talks with the powers that be, so I do know that they agreed to a lot of the proposal. keighley only disagreed with some being exempt from relegation. Their views are that it should be equal opportunities across the board in rugby league.

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