Exclusive: Banned Jamie Acton calls out Sky Sports pundit Brian Carney and challenges him to a debate

This morning, Sky Sports pundit Brian Carney dispelled any claims that rugby league had a doping problem.

ITV News last night released an article with former Super League players Jamie Acton and Oliver Wilkes regarding their admission relating to taking performance enhancing drugs whilst playing the sport.

But, Carney, this morning dismissed the idea, stating: “I roll my eyes when we now see them roll out and talk about some issues they have faced subsequent to their bans or coming out and describing the events of their careers,” Carney told Sky Sports.

“Where’s the word sorry in all this? The game of rugby league has now got to publicly defend itself against charges of widespread performance enhancing drugs abuse in the sport which is not the case.

“I’m close to the game, I’m close to current players, recently retired players and that is not the case.”

However, Acton has told Serious About Rugby League that Carney is merely trying to protect the sport’s integrity and called on the former Irish international to debate with him.

“I would love to debate with him live on Facebook or Instagram or on a podcast,” Acton said.

“He’s trying to protect the integrity the sport I get it. But burying head in the sand and sweeping stuff under the carpet has never solved anything.”