Ex-Wigan Warriors, St Helens and Bradford Bulls man Bryn Hargreaves ‘in really bad place’

Ex-Wigan Warriors, St Helens and Bradford Bulls man Bryn Hargreaves was ‘in a really bad place’ when he went missing six months ago.

That’s according to one of Hargreaves’ closest friends, American Matt from Vermont who spoke to the Daily Mirror about the former Super League star’s most recent past.

Matt alleged that Hargreaves’ previously happy marriage to partner Amy broke down in 2017 and that this was the catalyst for the serious drop in mental health and wellbeing.

With that, Matt believes that he ‘did something to himself’ which led to his disappearance.

“I think it could go either way, but I absolutely hate to say this, I think in terms of what is most realistic and probable is that Bryn did something to himself,” Matt told the Daily Mirror.

“I understand there’s some crazy s*** and it totally seems like it could be nefarious, but he was in a really bad place and had nobody to lean on here.

“I could see Bryn doing something to himself because of where he ended up in terms of mentally compared to how he was before.”

Matt also revealed that he talked to Hargreaves just a few weeks before his disappearance.

“Splitting up was really tough for him. It was not good,”

“We all have our better half as they say, like a good wife or a partner. Someone, I think who helps to balance you and kind of like keeps you in check.

“So I think he lost that person to care for or just that feeling of belonging. Once Bryn lost that, he lost value in himself and his purpose.

“I can’t even comprehend really the amount. I like to have some fun, but it was uncomfortable. I think his mental health was really, really poor.

“Just imagine being completely alone and isolated and, on top of that, having to deal with Covid.

“After Bryn’s split, I was like, ‘Dude, like, why are you here?’ He was all alone.

“He had me and some friends from work, but that’s like work stuff, and so after he and Amy split up, I was just like, ‘go back to the UK’.

“I think his loneliness really wore him down. It’s sad, but it was kind of a slow progression.”

Living in the hope his friend is still alive, Matt has a theory of what he may have done.

“Whereas I’m a country boy, Bryn’s a city person,” he added. “He likes the finer things in life.

“He probably is not sleeping on the ground because of his back. From his days playing rugby it is absolutely awful. So I don’t think that he would just hit the woods.

“So even if he’s down and out, I don’t see him just like sleeping on the street.”

Matt spoke honestly about what Hargreaves’ disappearance reminded him of.

“The circumstances of his disappearance are absolutely uncanny and are like something you would see on a Netflix fricking documentary,” he conceded.

“With the circumstances of his disappearance, it really raises a lot of questions as to could this have been something like he got murdered, but what’s the motivation.

It’s now six months since Hargreaves was first reported missing from his home in the United States after leaving the UK following retirement.

Police were called to his flat in Morgantown, West Virginia, on January 16 after downstairs neighbours reported water leaking in from Hargreaves’ room upstairs. Officers found Bryn’s flat unlocked, with all his belongings left behind and his shower still running.

Since then, Bryn’s family have raised enough money for a private investigator as well as handing the authorities names of those that they feel are involved with his disappearance.

There had been rumours of sightings in Vienna, Austria and Parkersburg, West Virginia, but those proved to be false as his family continues to search.

Let’s hope and pray that Bryn is found safely.

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