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Ex-Wigan Warriors man Danny Sculthorpe has strong say on legal action against RFL over head injuries

One of the many headlines drawing attention away from the start of the World Cup at present is the fact a group of ex-players are taking legal action against the RFL due to head injuries they picked up during their careers which are having a negative impact on their lives now.

They are claiming the RFL were negligent in their treatment of head injuries and began the process of taking legal action this week.

Head injuries are a serious issue in the game of rugby league especially in light of James Graham’s brain damage and the fact Stevie Ward was forced to retire due to concussion and still suffers from symtoms to this day.

Clamp downs are being done on contact with the head, new gum shields have been developed to produce data to prevent such injuries and the HIA now comes with 11 days on the sidelines as a minimum.

However, many will say that the legal action taken against the game over things that happened in less enlightened times is unfair and not what the game needs.

One of those is former Wigan Warriors player Danny Sculthorpe.

Sculthorpe sadly has been battling with a brain tumour for the last year suffering similar symptoms to a CTE injury.

He took to Twitter to say he would never take legal action against the RFL and would never jeapardise his son’s chances of playing the game he loves that has given him the best life.

He said: “So, I’d just like to comment about these players suing the RFL….just been looking at CTE injuries, I’ve been diagnosed with DNET brain tumour about 12 months ago at Salford Royal Hospital, and I suffer from seizures, memory loss and I’m extremely emotional, one minute I’m happy as Larry the next thing I’m really really angry.

“I also have all/ most of the symptoms of a CTE brain condition, I’m seeing my gp tomorrow about this as it’s getting progressively worse. But I can tell you this now….I will never ever take litigation against the Rugby Football League!!!

“This sport has given me the best life I could imagine of having and I knew when I started playing at 6 years old that it was a tough aggressive sport and I would get knocked about and get smacked around the head on numerous occasions!

“Why would I want to end the sport I loved and still love and jeopardise the chance of my son playing the game of Rugby League. Not many players will or will have been through what I’ve been through….but guess what…I wouldn’t change anything.

“I’ve been struggling with my head a while now, but guess what??? Tough times makes you stronger and helps build resilience, we are not born resilient.….tough times builds it!!!’ I now worry about things I’ve got control over!! Lots of people reading this will stress and worry about things they can do nothing about…what’s the point? I love my life and wouldn’t change it for nothing!”



  1. Ryan

    October 11, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    I’m glad Danny feels that way but that’s his opinion only and his choice not to take action but if he’s happy to sit quiet and let his son possibly suffer the same fate so be it that’s his choice

  2. old tyke

    October 11, 2022 at 3:50 pm

    no one forced them to play they thought that they were living the dream

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