Ex-Wigan Warriors boss has say on his future in the international game

Michael Maguire will be wishing he was involved in today’s final.

Instead he will have to sit on and watch as Australia take on Samoa in the Rugby League World Cup Final at Manchester United’s Old Trafford this afternoon.

That comes after New Zealand finish taking on Australia in the women’s decider which could either alleviate the woes of Maguire’s men missing out or exacerbate it.

Either way, the ex-Wigan Warriors boss would no doubt rather be in the thick of it in Manchester today.

Despite missing out on the final, he deserves commending for the job he’s done at New Zealand.

He has got them playing a much more ruthless brand of rugby league and was not far off from toppling Australia last week.

He guided them to the number one spot in the world rankings and has developed some of the world’s top players.

But will he remain at the helm for the 2025 World Cup in France?

When asked about it, he said: “I’ve got to finish with this World Cup first,” he laughed after the Kiwis’ loss to the Kangaroos last week.

“I do enjoy coaching the Kiwi team. When you’re coaching the best players in the world it is pretty special.”

So, it sounds like Maguire is comfortable in the role.

At club level he will make the move to Canberra Raiders in 2023.

When asked if he will get any time off he again joked saying that would be up to Ricky Stuart to decide.

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