Ex-Wigan Warriors boss explains the reasons for his latest move

Former Wigan Warriors boss Michael Maguire has been on some journey since leaving the DW Stadium in 2011 having won every domestic trophy available in three seasons.

He enjoyed success at South Sydney Rabbitohs prior to struggling at Wests Tigers all the while leading New Zealand to number one in the world before just coming up short in the Rugby League World Cup semi-final against Australia at Elland Road.

Now his latest challenge sees him return to the Canberra Raiders and speaking with the Daily Telegraph he has explained why he has returned to the capital:

“Canberra has always held a special place in my heart and I’ve always had a great passion for the Raiders. I actually supported Canberra as a kid. Guys like Gary Belcher and Bradley Clyde were my favourites players back then. It was the club which gave me my first opportunity.

“I started here in ’92 but Ricky was here before me. I enjoyed my time playing with him (Stuart) and enjoy being with him again now. It’s been good.

“And I tell you what is really noticeable – the recognition of the past greats at the club and how the young ones want to aspire to be like they were.

“The former greats are in and around the club and the old boys are talked about a lot at this club. The young blokes – even the older players – talk about having those old boys being part of the club.

“So as an old boy coming back, it’s actually really enjoyable. I was very fortunate to come into the club when some of the best were playing in the game. They’re my memories from the 1990s.

“There was a time back then half the Australian team and half the Kiwi side were playing at Canberra.

“I just want to help ‘Sticky’ and for the club to be the best they can be. It’s an exciting group – they a have lot of good youth coming through and some exciting young backs like Xavier Savage, Matt Timoko, Seb Kris.

“And then you’ve got a good sprinkling of the older guys too upfront that steer the ship. It’s a good blend.

“‘Sticky’ has got me doing a bit of everything. I’m across the defence and am helping out wherever I can. That’s really what my role is, helping with the various experiences I have had. Wherever I can help, I will help.

“I’m really enjoying coaching the players on the field. It’s a good, strong club. These are exciting times but there’s lots of work to do.”

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