Ex-Wigan Warriors boss calls for more international games as Australia already have an advantage in the Rugby League World Cup

New Zealand boss and former Wigan Warriors coach Michael Maguire has called for most international games believing that Australia already have an advantage on the biggest stage.

Maguire said that he believes that going into the likes of the Rugby League World Cup that Australia have an advantage due to the fact their players play at the highest level of intensity in State of Origin and to be able to match them, it is vital that the likes of the Kiwis, Tonga, Samoa and England play more internationals.

He said: “Yeah definitely, we only get one or two games like this a year. The Australians get to play Origins and play at this level at more intensity so if we can do that we can improve.”

He admitted that right now these games need to be played at the end of the season but pushed for a mid-season international window with more high profile fixtures alongside State of Origin: “I think at the moment we have to play them at the back end but there’s no reasons we can’t play Tonga and Samoa in matches like that. I know Australia have State of Origin and I’d like to see us play test matches mid-year.

“The game needs to consider how they can grow in the international game.”

The RLIF are pushing for more games and have reportedly have conjured up a plan to capitalise on the World Cup.

This plan could even involve Super League stakeholders IMG and see Samoa and Tonga battle.

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