Ex-Wigan Warriors and Wakefield Trinity forward in shock confession on taking drugs whilst playing

Former Super League forward Oliver Wilkes has made a shock revelation about his time spent playing rugby league.

Now aged 41, the former prop had numerous clubs ranging from the likes of Whitehaven to Wigan and then Wakefield, Harlequins and Leigh.

But, in an interview with ITV, Wilkes has gone on record to document his taking of performance-enhancing drugs.

“I used to see people who I was as good as, then all of a sudden come back after a pre-season massive. I’d never say what club, what name. And then just see ’em absolutely tear it up,” Wilkes told ITV.

“They were quite slow at the start of pre-season, just a bit heavy and then shred up a bit. I assume they’d be clean by this point and avoided being caught…”

That led Wilkes to ‘try’ the drugs himself.

“I signed for Whitehaven and I was only training two times a week, and they’d offered me alright money and I thought to myself, I was like: ‘Should I have some, see what all the fuss is about?’

“So I tried a performance enhancing drug, a banned one, and six weeks into the season I got a phone call off Wigan, to sign for Wigan. And, uh, I thought to myself: ‘Well’, I thought: ‘It worked.'”

Though the former forward had reservations, he knew the drugs had had big effects on his body.

“You know, I didn’t know. I didn’t know what to think. It’s like: ‘Well, it’s, it’s got me there or did it?’

“You know, was I, was I going to be playing that well that year to get seen and picked anyway, I don’t know, but I know I was bigger and stronger.”

Wilkes is the latest to admit an offence, with former Leigh Centurions forward Jamie Acton also taking to Instagram recently about his two-year ban from the sport.

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7 months ago

He only played 6 games for Wigan so why is it in the headlines Wigan forward this and that he played more games for Wakefield