Ex-Warrington Wolves coach leads funding charge for Rob Burrow alongside St Helens and rugby union legends

So much has been done in the name of Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow and now Warrington Wolves Strength and Conditioning coach Andrew Naumenko is doing his part alongside St Helens, NRL and rugby union legends.

But what is Naumenko doing for Burrow and who else has been involved.

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League, he revealed all.

“I’m hoping to go to as many Super League and Championship stadiums as possible and hit a conversion from out wide. This is to hopefully attract the attention of thousands and persuade them to get out to their local clubs/parks and have some fun, do their own kick and upload to social media whilst donating £1 (or more) via my Just Giving link,” he said.
“So why a kick from out wide? Basically because Rob loved to kick (and was great at it!) …but also to represent the fact that not everything in life is as easy as a kick in front of the posts.
“I’m looking to get lots of current and past big name players involved by recording their own kick. I have already had the support from Paul Sculthorpe, NRL legend Andrew Johns and world-renowned kicker Jonny Wilkinson!
“So far I have completed kicks at Warrington and St Helens and hope to complete all stadiums by start of the new season.”
But what can people can do to participate?
Here is what Naumenko said fans can do to play their part:
Record a kick from as wide out as possible.
Upload to instagram and tag @ athelitesandc and use hashtag # kickingforburrow
Donate £1 or more to my Just Giving Page
All money raised will go directly to MND Association as instructed by Rob Burrow and his family.
The aim is to raise awareness, celebrate Robs glittering career and to encourage as many people as possible to get out, have some fun and experience the game that Rob loved so much.
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