Ex-Super League winger Dominic Young in controversy against Cronulla Sharks

Former Huddersfield Giants starlet Dominic Young may be in trouble with the disciplinary this weekend following a controversial tackle.

The Newcastle Knights winger was sent to the sinbin for a dangerous tackle on Ronaldo Mulitalo in the 60th minute with Cronulla Sharks leading 8-0.

Everything appeared fine until referee Ben Cummins was told to look at a replay of the tackle, only to then show Young a yellow card.

“Dangerous tackle and his heads hit the ground first. 10 minutes in the sin bin,” Cummins said.

Knights coach Adam O’Brien, however, thought the tackle was fine.

“I think that’s ok that one. It looks to me to be ok,” he said.

Commentator Andrew Voss was also unsure about the card.

“In the sin bin for dangerous tackle. His head hit the ground first but if you watch it back, Mulitalo makes a very unusual movement at the end of this,” Voss said.

“But I suppose if you want to stamp it out of the game – was it necessary for Young to do this at the finish to get him down? The answer is no, to lift the leg up like that.

“(Mulitalo) handed on his head. Will he go for an HIA?”

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