Ex Super League star wants divisive concept to replace “woeful” internationals

This week we saw what many people believe is the pinnacle of rugby league.

That’s because we saw New South Wales and Queensland clash in the opening game of the State of Origin.

It was a remarkable game with the Maroons devastated by injury and down to 12 men with 10 minutes to go, Queensland scored twice to turn around a 18-16 deficit to claim a remarkable 26-18 triumph.

This has naturally sparked debate about whether England should emulate State of Origin and bring back Yorkshire vs Lancashire.

Now former England international Eorl Crabtree has called for the return of this with the international game “woeful.”

He said on Twitter:

“I’d prefer to watch this as the mid season internationals are currently woeful.

“Create some rivalry, make it a part of England selection.

“It’s just my opinion and I know it could not work but I’d give it a go.

“I believe Something has to change.”