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Ex-Super League star Keith Mason sacked ahead of General Election for “anti-Islamic bigotry”

Former Super League star Keith Mason has been prevented from standing for election for the Workers Party of Britain after being sacked by the party leader over tweets that rendered him “guilty of anti-Islamic bigotry”.

It was a surprise when Keith Mason confirmed he would be standing as the candidate for the Workers Party of Britain at the upcoming General Election, his candidacy that was announced back in early May being met with shock from fans.

The former Huddersfield Giants man was set to stand in his home constituency of Wakefield and Rothwell for George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain but just over a month later and he has already been stood down.

That comes following confirmation from party leader George Galloway that Mason has been “sacked” after historic tweets emerged in which the ex-Super League man was “guilty of anti-Islamic bigotry”.

The General Election is set to be held on Thursday 4th July.

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Keith Mason sacked after historic tweets emerge

Keith Mason

Credit: Imago Images

When confirming his intention to stand, Mason argued that he would “stand up for the ordinary working-class men and women of Wakefield”.

He would reference his own personal battles and his intention to “give something back” as part of his confirmation statement, however, less than a month shy of the election and he’s found his candidacy removed.

George Galloway, the leader of the party for whom Mason was representing, took to social media last night to confirm Mason’s sacking.

Galloway said: “I have sacked Keith Mason as I earlier sacked candidates for anti-Semitism. Mason apologised for his historic tweets which were published when he was indeed guilty of anti-Islamic bigotry. It seems repentance is not enough in the elections game however. So he’s gone. I hope he keeps standing up for Gaza and continues his journey on the right path.”

A series of tweets uncovered from late 2023 and even earlier this year saw Mason label Muhammad as a “false prophet”, also claiming that “Islam without lies dies”.

The tweets were uncovered by Islam-based news site ‘5 Pillars’ and can be seen here.

Mason responds to sacking

Keith Mason

Credit: Imago Images

Before delving into politics, a venture that now appears to have been ended prematurely, Keith Mason was one of Super League’s hard-hitting forwards. He played almost 150 times for Huddersfield Giants whilst also having spells with Wakefield Trinity, St Helens and Castleford Tigers.

He had a short sting in Australia playing for Melbourne Storm and also represented Wales before heading into acting once he retired, before the most recent venture of politics.

After reports that he had been sacked, Keith Mason took to social media to defend any accusations of Islamophobia, claiming that not one of the Muslims that he has grown up around would accuse him of being Islamophobic.

He posted: “I’ve grown up with Muslims my whole life I see them as my brothers and sisters, and not one of them would say I was Islamophobic ever!

“I’m a Roman Catholic and Jesus Christ is my saviour I’m his biggest fan, and I respect all religions because at the end of the day we are all aiming for one thing and that is PEACE! if Christians and Muslims United we would live in a much more peaceful world.

“I don’t have to agree with other religions like you wouldn’t with mine but I absolutely 100% respect all my Muslim brothers and sisters, infact I’ve got more Muslim friends than I have Christian friends. I apologise to anyone who misinterpreted a conversation that came across that way

“Inshallah God bless you all.”

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