Ex-Super League referee Richard Silverwood slams decision to overturn Morgan Knowles’ ban

It was a decision that certainly hit the headlines last night, but St Helens star Morgan Knowles is free to play in this week’s Grand Final clash against the Leeds Rhinos.

Knowles was charged with a Grade B offence and given a two match suspension following the Super League play-off semi-final against Salford Red Devils.

After Tuesday’s independent tribunal rejected his first appeal, Saints launched a second appeal claiming that the tribunal’s conclusion was “unreasonable” based on the evidence presented.

Tonight’s new tribunal accepted that while there was some twisting to apply pressure to the limb of an opposing player, this did not exceed the normal range of movement and therefore could not have posed an “unacceptable risk of injury”.

It meant that Saints were therefore successful with the appeal and Knowles is available for Saturday’s Super League Grand Final.

However, a few people didn’t take kindly to the news including former Super League referee Richard Silverwood who took to social media giant, Twitter, to vent his views.

Silverwood simply tweeted: “Wow” with ten laughing emojis and then came back later, stating: “Those that came up with tonight’s decision should hang their heads in shame. So many have had games added to things not half as bad as this and yet he gets his banned quashed. Absolute shambles. No wonder the game is on its arse.”

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