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Ex-Super League official disagrees with legal action from ex-players

Richard Silverwood

The legal action being taken by former Rugby League and Rugby Union players has now reached a total of 378 players.

The RFL, along with other organisations, are set to have to deal with a court case where players will claim they suffered brain injuries due to playing the sport.

Covering bodies in football and rugby union will also have to deal with the case which is due to be filed at High Court today according to BBC.

BBC have also reported that the new claimants include 100 former rugby league players and that over 200 ex-rugby players are involved.

“There is remarkable consistency of symptoms across all these contact sports and it’s very grim,” said Richard Boardman of sports legal firm Rylands Garth, which is acting for all the claimants, to the BBC.

“Everybody, the lawyers included in this matter, are all fans of these sports and our main priority is looking after our guys and female players as well with brain damage and they need urgent clinical support and damages for themselves and their families.

“We ultimately want these sports to survive well into the future, but clearly urgent, immediate changes are needed.”

In light of this news, former Super League referee Richard Silverwood underlined his opposition to this saying it is things like this which is why the game is now santisied.

He took to Twitter to say:

“I tip my hat to all players that have picked up a rugby ball and I can only imagine the damage to their bodies have suffered however they signed up to the risk and don’t agree with this at all. No wonder our great game is now so sanitised.”

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