Ex-St Helens Jon Wilkin says “politics” and “self-interests” can’t get in the way of international rugby league after the World Cup

The Rugby League World Cup is now a thing of the past.

But what next for international rugby league?

The only thing that has been decided upon is the fact that England will play France come April next year.

However, it is almost unanimously decided upon that the sport needs to capitalise on the Rugby League World Cup soon.

IMG, in their recommendations for the sport, identified it as a must for the sport.

They are also working with the RLIF to help put together an international calendar which could see Tonga and Samoa battle.

It is important that the sport continues to grow and ex-St Helens man and England international Jon Wilkin has called on those in power in the game to put something together.

He said on BBC: “Get your heads together. The political unrest which exists within our sport, the people who run the clubs, the people who run the game in this country and in Australia, get your heads together because the international game is such an important part of the future of our sport.”

He has also said that the political divisions in the game and self interests can’t be allowed to get in the way of the future of international rugby moving forward: “We can’t let these political divisions and protecting self interests stop the international game.”

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