Ex-St Helens forward Jon Wilkin reveals what he finds ‘quite shocking’ about Leeds Rhinos

Leeds Rhinos have been one of the most talked about sides in 2022 so far.

After winning just once in seven games, the Rhinos sit third bottom of Super League and are out of the Challenge Cup.

And, for Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin, that’s all down to uncertainty.

“Since Brian McDermott has been moved on as head coach, there has been uncertainty,” Wilkin told Sky Sports.

“They appointed a coach on a temporary contract for six months – that leads to uncertainty.

“Recruitment decisions are made for the short-term not the long-term and that leads to uncertainty.

“They’ve got a new stadium and all the investment in terms of time and energy that goes into that and that leads to uncertainty.

“All of that when you package it all together leads to a dejected bunch of players who can’t get it together on the field.”

Wilkin also revealed what Leeds now need moving forward.

“They need some clarity and leadership – I don’t think there are many leaders in that side.

“They need leaders on the field and I think the next coaching appointment is huge.

“The club needs to commit to a coach for a long period of time, back recruitment up behind him.

“They need squad succession and planning and get that squad together like the ten years of the golden era.”

The former St Helens forward believes it is ‘quite shocking’ what is happening at Headingley.

“It’s quite shocking, there was a lot of expectation around Leeds an for whatever reason it hasn’t happened,” Wilkin said.

“You sense there is an atmosphere between the fans and players and the fans demand success.

“What is really important, the next piece of recruitment is crucially important as it’s got to be a long term coaching decision.”

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