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Ex-Scottish rugby union star opens up to Rob Burrow on Doddie Weir and reveals how close he came to code switch

Former Scottish rugby union international Kenny Logan has revealed to Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow just how close he came to opting for a career in rugby league, instead of union.

Logan was appearing alongside his wife, former gymnast and current sports broadcaster, Gabby on Rob and Lindsey Burrow’s new podcast ‘Seven’.

The podcast allows Burrow to speak with sporting icons with previous guests having included former England captains in football and rugby union respectively, Wayne Rooney and Jonny Wilkinson.

Logan took the opportunity to reveal just how close he came to signing a professional contract to play rugby league, explaining:  “I started as an amateur sportsman, because Rugby League was professional when I got my first cap at 19, 20.

He continued, revealing which club pursued him: “I don’t know if it was going to sign, but Hull Kingston Rovers came in for me and tried to get me to go to Rugby League, because rugby league had been professional all my life; but I stayed in Union.”

Staying in union saw Logan go on to make 70 international appearances for Scotland, something he could only dream of as a rugby league player given the lack of an international calendar.

It was a genuine prospect of him moving to league though as the professional era in union didn’t begin until 1996, by which time Logan was 24, whereas the 13-man code had boasted professional ranks for some time prior.

Meanwhile, Logan’s broadcasting wife Gabby explained how Burrow’s inspirational documentary had opened the curtain to what life was like with MND.

She stated: “What you did there was so powerful and obviously incredibly emotional as well. That has inspired so many people to talk about their journey, so yeah, well done on that.”

Husband Kenny, who was a good friend and teammate of Doddie Weir’s revealed how the gentle giant had also inspired him to become more engaged with Burrow’s story.

Discussing his guilt at having prostate cancer, something he was treated for and has now recovered from, Logan explained: “I just didn’t feel good, because I could get fixed, the surgeon was really confident he could fix me; and it made me more angry towards MND because there’s nothing there for them.

“It made me more determined to try and help Doddie, help the foundation, help the community because they haven’t got that luxury that I had. I felt guilty in a way, because I’d got something that I wish he’d got and I wish Rob had got.

“I got a little bit angry towards it all, and I did want to help the community, but I was taking it quite personal as a friendship with Doddie and the MND community.

“I just took a leaf from the likes of Rob and the likes of Doddie, be very focused, be very confident, be very positive towards what you’ve got and keep your mental state really strong and that’s what got me through it to be honest with you.”

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