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Ex-referee says St Helens’ win over Huddersfield shows why six again rule “needs scrapping”

This time three years ago Super League was on hiatus as the country went into lockdown due to the pandemic.

For a while, fans only had the NRL down under for their rugby league comfort after they also endured a break because of the pandemic.

When they NRL returned it arrived with a new rule: the six again rule otherwise known as the set restart rule.

This saw an end to penalties for ruck infringements now replaced by an immediate restart to the set giving teams six more tackles and allowing the game to flow.

Thus, when Super League returned later in 2020, the rule debuted in the competition and immediately we saw how it could impact games in terms of swinging momentum as Leeds Rhinos pulled off a superb comeback against Huddersfield Giants in the second game after Super League’s return.

Since then the rule has been a mainstay in Super League but there have been plenty of naysayers.

One problem people pointed out that teams were using it to stop teams at the ends of halves being able to attack: holding down a player knowing that they can limit the number of tackles with the clock ticking.

Meanwhile, plenty of coaches have blasted it for its lack of consistency.

Former Super League official Richard Silverwood explained why he would like to see the rule scrapped earlier this week.

He took to Twitter to say:

“Scrap. Teams use it to their advantage too much. Then again you don’t want to see upwards of 20 penalties. Pick the stand outs and let the rest flow.”

After last night’s game, Silverwood said that St Helens’ antics showed why the rule needs scrapping as he said:

“Matty Lees nailed it, aim was to slow ruck down, we gave a few six again but it stopped them scoring. Exactly why six again needs scrapping.”

This came as Phil Clarke suggested that it was a form of cheating:

“They played a game last year against Salford at the end where they effectively cheated at the end to win the match in the league match.

“I do think that the game needs to be stricter at penalising sides that are purposefully holding down players or concede penalties or six agains near to their own try line.

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