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Ex-player has say on whether salary cap should be increased as star players head to NRL

After the NRL confirmed that their salary cap will be increased in 2023, their salary cap is now three times as much as the Super League equivalent.

This begs the question, does Super League need to increase the salary cap sooner rather than later especially with some star players like Will Pryce being tempted over to the NRL so often.

Now Keith Mason has suggested that Super League players deserve to be paid more but conceded that in the current climate means that that may not be possible likewise it may not stop players heading down under.

“I’m not an expert in the financial situation at the minute and we’re in a financial crisis, some people can’t afford to put heating on in their houses,” Mason told Serious About Rugby League.

“Look if the money was similar to Australia, then by all means stay in England but not many people get the chance to go to Australia so you’ve got to go.

“It’s their number one sport, rugby league in England is just like the M62 corridor.

“The money thing, it’s just bigger in Australia. I don’t know what the situation is with the RFL and money but it would make sense to pay these players more money.

“I know some players when they finish, they end up with nothing and it’s not fair.”

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