Ex-official suggests six again rule change to stop teams exploiting it

Thursday night was one of the games of the season as Hull KR and Wigan Warriors collided.

In the last play of normal time an Abbas Miski try in the corner levelled matters but Harry Smith’s inability to add the conversion meant the game went to golden point.

In extra time Hull KR had two shots at the drop goal. The first saw Mikey Lewis strike the upright before on his second attempt he was hunted down by the Wigan defence.

He smuggled the ball away and Jez Litten kicked to the corner but from that set Wigan went up the other end, Bevan French carved through and sent Liam Farrell over for the try.

However, many Hull KR fans felt they were “robbed” after the game.

This is because they believed they should have had a penalty when the markers tackled Lewis believing them not to be square.

However, former Super League official Ian Smith has explained why the referee didn’t award a penalty with the first point being if any infringement had occurred it would be a set restart.

Speaking on social media, Smith said:

“It wouldn’t have been a penalty as markers are six again and not a penalty.

“Maybe he thought the ball carrier jumped to the side to catch them not square.

“Thousands of refs calls are judgments at full pace to ensure the game flows as best as possible as well as being consistent, its always easier at home with several replays as well instead of at full pace once after running 10km.”

Whilst on the subject of six agains, Smith suggested a slight amendment to the rule.

He suggested three quick ones on the bounce should come with a further punishment:

“Three quick ones on the bounce though should be a warning.”