Ex-NRL star brutally tears into Sonny Bill Williams as he reveals the insult which took it too far

Paul Gallen has made millions in the boxing ring after a brilliant NRL career which saw him win the Premiership in 2016 whilst also representing Australia and New South Wales.

The match that everyone wanted to see him take on was subsequently a battle between him and Sonny Bill Williams who has tried his hand at boxing professionally as he bounced around a number of different sports having made his name in rugby league.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Gallen explained why this never happened as he called Sonny Bill Williams out for only fighting guys passed their best: “I have never had an issue with Sonny Bill Williams, I’ve always liked him, always respected him.

“He is always waiting for someone to get too old before he fights them and that’s what he’s waiting for with me. I’m not going to give him that chance now that I’m past my best.

“He’s done it with all his opponents, and he got caught out recently.

He then revealed something that Williams said that ended any prospect of a fight:

“I’m disappointed we didn’t do it. We should have fought twice; four or five years ago when I was calling him out and whoever lost could have said we were footy players back then, we’re professional boxers [now] so let’s do it again. And if it was one-all we could do a huge decider and if someone won 2-1 then full credit to that person.

“We never had much beef along the way, I’ve just always said he was scared to fight me. He called me out saying [he wanted] a 60-40 contract, but we never had beef.

“And then he came out a couple of months ago and said ‘He’s just not a good person’.

“That was the end of it for me. Who the f**** is he to judge me as a person? That was the worst thing.

“That was the end of it. I came out, said what I thought about him and there’s no relationship there. I don’t want there to be, I don’t care.”

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