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Ex-Leeds Rhinos player could miss huge occasion after gross injury

Former Leeds Rhinos academy product Jimmy Watson has given so much of his career to Hunslet and thus has been awarded a testimonial.

Today, Hunslet are set to take on Drighlington in a benefit game but there is a chance the fullback could miss out on the game after nearly losing his finger at work in a horror injury.

He said on BBC Radio Leeds: “It’s getting better. I had the operation last Monday so it was quite quick actually as it happened on the Friday.

“When I had the operation they basically just injected my finger, took the nail out and then stitched it all back together as best they could and wrapped it up.

“From now it’s just about recovery taking some painkillers and keeping off it the best I can but it’s hard because I’m left-handed.”

Speaking on the pain level, he said: “When I did it first it was more shock and panic because I looked down and saw this blood. Luckily there was a first aider at work and then I went straight off to A&E.

“It was all shock but once the adrenaline wore off it started throbbing. It was like my finger had it’s own heartbeat and it was just pulsing.

“The hospital looked after me and I got some painkillers and antibiotics. I was on eight antibiotics a day and then anti-inflammatories and painkillers on top, but I’ve slowed down a bit now and it’s just paracetamol and ibuprofen.

In terms of the long term affects: “Speaking to the hospital they said I’ll get feeling back in it but the tip probably won’t with the nerve damage, and because I’ve fractured the bone it’ll be quite tender for a while as well.

“As long as I can catch that rugby ball then that’s the main thing. I want to get back on that rugby field so the priority is getting recovery and getting physio and getting back out with the fellas.”

The game takes place at South Leeds Stadium today at 1pm.

“When it happened that was straight in my mind,” Watson said about the game and his injury.

“This game for me will only happen every ten years and I don’t think I’ll go another ten so it was in the back of my mind straight away.

“I want to be involved in the game, it’s a once in a lifetime thing for me so I’ll be involved in the game as much as I can.

“I might have to wear like a yellow bib or some tags so they just have to pull the tag off men and that might be it.

“We’ll figure something out but I’m definitely going to be involved in that game somehow.

“It’s going to be a Drig team with some ex-Hunslet players in there but it’s bound to be a great day, I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m 32 this year and I’m certainly not out yet but as you get older it takes longer to recover but I’ve enjoyed every bit of my career and I wouldn’t change a thing, from my junior days at the Rhinos and my amateur days.

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