Ex-Leeds Rhinos forward Ryan Bailey calls out mammoth ban handed to Will Pryce

Huddersfield Giants star Will Pryce was handed a ten-match ban last night for a horror tackle on Hull FC’s Connor Wynne.

That means he will sit out almost a quarter of the year, but opinion is divided over the length of ban that Pryce was given.

One critic of the suspension was former Leeds Rhinos forward Ryan Bailey.

Bailey tweeted: “Very harsh for first offence he’s ever had. I played rugby for contact combat battle I loved getting smashed and I loved smashing other players it’s part and parcel of the game that’s why I played it ! If Someone did that to me I wouldn’t want them banned it’s a rough contact sport with no player power.”

The victim of Pryce’s horror tackle was Hull FC’s Connor Wynne who was thrown around and then dumped on his neck in a tackle that unsurprisingly sparked the ire of Wynne’s teammates.

Huddersfield head coach Ian Watson had his own say on the incident, stating that he could have no complaints about the decision.

“It’s a big learning lesson for him,” Watson said.

“He’s devastated in the changing room. Will knows he’s messed up.

“Now he has to lick his wounds and see what the consequences are.”

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2 months ago

Ten games is waaaay over the top. Yes he did wrong, yes he should be suspended but ten is too much for a young lad’s first offence.
Every year the same few names are sent off regularly but receive only b1 or 2 game bans despite being persistent offenders. They are the ones who should be banned for a long time until they learn to behave