Ex-Leeds Rhinos boss admits he can’t use the same coaching techniques in the NRL as Super League as it is “the best competition”

Brian McDermott, after resigning from Featherstone Rovers after missing out on promotion, has joined Newcastle Knights for 2023 as assistant coach.

The former Leeds Rhinos boss has spoken about the move to the club website and has explained that with the NRL being the best competition it means he can’t use the same coaching techniques as he did in Super League.

“I think any English man wants to test himself against the best competition and that’s the NRL, I didn’t have that chance as a player as I wasn’t that good but now I do as a coach,” McDermott said.

“It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone. Some of the things I think might work or have worked in the past I know that might not be the case in the NRL.”

He described the move as “big” for himself and his career:

“Pretty big, it’s been a big move. I think the whole process, when it was confirmed that I was coming it dawned on me just how big of a move this is.

“Not just the logistics of getting out here, but a career path. It’s a fortunate thing to happen.”

He also explained how it came about:

“I had a conversation with Adam some weeks ago before the job was confirmed, I spoke to him on zoom and there was a connection instantly some of his philosophies so we carried on speaking and as things panned out there was an opportunity and I was on the plane instantly.

“I can sense that pressure and expectation.”

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