Ex-Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers forward calls for ‘automatic red card’ if faking injury

Gamesmanship is becoming a big a problem as ever in Super League at present.

With the crackdown on foul play becoming a major feature in the 2022 campaign, it has led to some calls of feigning big hits and big shots in a bid to get a penalty and an opposition player carded.

Huddersfield Giants head coach Ian Watson, a fortnight ago, slammed the increasing gamesmanship coming into the game as a result of the rule clampdown.

“There’s a little bit of gamesmanship creeping in and the wrong type,” Watson said.

“The game is hard enough to referee without players feigning injuries.”

And, now former Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers forward Weller Hauraki has called for a strong response to anyone faking an injury – an automatic red card.

Hauraki tweeted: “Honestly what’s this game coming to players going down because they get a bang then 2 minutes later they’re fine playing on, I think from now on if you fake a injury and get up you should get a automatic red card.”

What is the solution? Realistically, Super League coaches will be meeting with the RFL this Wednesday in a bid to thrash out potential conclusions to what is currently dividing attention away from the product on the field.

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