Ex-Hull FC man Albert Kelly under fire

The dust seems to have settled on the incident involving Brisbane Broncos pair Payne Haas and Albert Kelly.

Both Haas and Kelly were suspended after a video of the duo involved in a minor skirmish ended up online.

But, Haas believes he shouldn’t have been suspended for that, though he has now claimed he has ‘learnt his lesson’.

“I did stuff up a bit, but I felt like it wasn’t worthy of getting suspended,” Haas told the AAP.

“I don’t think it’s much Buzz, I honestly don’t,” Paul Kent told NRL 360.

“I get it’s a story and it’s concerning and it’s a part of the fabric of the game now whether we like it or not.

“I felt like I didn’t do too much wrong.

“But we’re in the public eye; I can’t be doing that kind of stuff and I need to handle those kind of situations better, so I’ve learnt my lesson there.”

Meanwhile, journalist Paul Kent believes that there was hardly anything in it and blamed Kelly for the incident with Brisbane set to monitor his behaviour.

“But Albert Kelly was drunk, he’s an A-grade pest when he’s had a few drinks and went back to the oldschool mentality where ‘brand new shoes, I’m going to step on them and scuff them up.’ The only way he could discourage Albert Kelly from continuing it in his drunken state was to give him a whack.

“We see an incident and then it’s let’s find the narrative to suit whatever our agenda is. Does it mean the Broncos are in trouble? Does it mean Payne Haas is unhappy at the Broncos and wants out?

“People are applying it to whatever they want. The fact is you had a drunk bloke start annoying a guy who didn’t want his brand new shoes stepped on.”

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