Ex-Hull FC halfback explains how ’embarrassment’ at new club has given him “a new lease of life”

Josh Reynolds is a quality player and has been for over a decade.

The halfback guided the Canterbury Bulldogs to the 2012 NRL Grand Final and was subsequently a major signing for Hull FC going into 2021 and made an instant impact at the MKM Stadium.

In the end, injuries stifled his good form and he left the club mid way through the 2022 campaign.

He now returns to the Bulldogs for what he calls a “fairytale.”

However, there is work to do with Reynolds not inside the all important top 30 players at the club yet and only on a train and trial deal.

This has left him with something to prove as he explained to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“No matter what happens now, being a part of this somehow is what I wanted. There’s a top-30 shed, and I’m not in that, I’m in the second shed, and I’ve had a word to Cam about that.

“I like that. I like that I have to earn that, that it’s not given, whether you’re 18 or 33 like me, that’s cool.

“The locker rooms have changed, and I’m at my old, old locker in the old room. That means something to me; it brought back a lot of memories.

“To be in that locker with a lot of young guys on the brink of the top 30, it’s pretty special.”

He also noted it has been quite “embarrassing” to train with 18-year-olds who make him feel old but it has given him “a new lease of life”:

“It’s quite embarrassing when an 18-year-old says, ‘Man, I was in kindergarten when you were playing in the 2012 grand final.’

“I’m like, ‘That’s cool, but let’s never speak of it again!’

“It’s given me a new lease of life on footy.”

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