Ex-England boss makes shock retirement claim as he slams reporters

Wayne Bennett is perhaps the most accomplished rugby league coach on the planet as he approaches his 73rd birthday.

The former England and Great Britain boss is set for a two-year stint in charge of the NRL’s new club The Dolphins before he hands over to former St Helens coach Kristian Woolf in 2025 after Woolf serves a two-year stint as his assistant.

Thus had led to suggestions that Bennett will retire when he finishes with The Dolphins.

However, when this was mentioned to Bennett by reporters this week he slammed the suggestion and made a shock statement.

“Don’t mention retirement with me,” Bennett said according to the Daily Telegraph.

“If you mention retirement with me, you will do it at your peril.

“I’m not talking about retirement. I’m talking about doing two years and who knows what happens after that.

“I went to South Sydney on a three-year deal and I did my three years.

“But I kept coaching, I’m now at the Dolphins, so don’t start talking about retirement, because it can bite you on the ass.

“If Kristian was a younger coach, I would have done three or four years actually, but he is coming for the right reasons and I don’t want to hold Kristian back. He deserves his chance.

“Anything could happen. I really don’t know what my next role will be. I’m not at the retirement stage. I don’t know how I will feel in two years. But I will get these two years done and let’s see what happens after that.

“Just don’t write me off, OK? I can’t give you a better tip than that.”

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