Ex-Castleford Tigers star Jacques O’Neill rejects move following Love Island

Former Castleford Tigers star Jacques O’Neill has snubbed a move that would have seen him reunite with his former Love Island partner.

Stardom now awaits O’Neill – who ditched rugby league side Castleford Tigers for the glitz and glamour of the Love Island villa two months ago – with over a million followers on Instagram ensuring that any promotional post will hit the £10,000 mark.

The 23-year-old has also signed up to The Social PR – the UK’s fastest growing Public Relations company – to be mentored by former Islander Scott Thomas which could see him become a millionaire.

Such a popular figure will always be given offers to appear on other reality shows, but O’Neill previously turned down the offer of £60,000 to go on Celebs Go Dating, according to the Daily Mail.

Love Island fans were treated to a special extended live edition to catch up on life after the villa and what it’s been like being with their partner outside of the Majorca base with the drama following the live finals addressed.

But, O’Neill did not take part in the Love Island Reunion after he revealed that he didn’t want to see former flame Paige and her new partner Adam Collard just yet.

“Everybody is getting together for a huge party tonight in London. ITV has put everyone up in a hotel so there’s no need for anyone to miss out,” a source told The Sun prior to the weekend.

“Unfortunately Jacques has decided he’s just not ready to see Paige quite yet and especially not with Adam.

“He’s made the decision to wait for a more suitable moment to talk to her again after everything he’s been through.”

It still remains to be seen where O’Neill’s future lies in rugby league – will he return? There is obviously the opportunity for him to do so at former club Castleford as well as a number of other sides in the top flight and Championship, but would he?

The chances of making it big in the public eye is certainly greater and more lucrative than a career in rugby league, but stranger things have happened.

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