Ex-Castleford coach makes big relegation admission

We have a relegation battle on our hands in Super League with Castleford Tigers and Wakefield Trinity down near the bottom of the league.

However, former Castleford star and coach Graham Steadman has written off Wakefield saying they are the saving grace for the Tigers.

“Andy’s got his work cut out. I don’t want to sound too negative, but I think the only saving grace they’ve got at the moment is Wakefield with 12 straight losses in the Super League,” he said on BBC Five Live.

“I’m hoping they can turn it round, but they are a little bit depleted. We can look for excuses. It’s always a big test of the squad to step up.”

He did say he was worried about the Tigers’ form:

“It is disappointing. As I mentioned earlier, I went to the Catalan game and they got out of their blocks and played really well for the first half.

“But one thing you can always say a Cas team will do is they will step up and give it their best and put 100% in. And if it’s not working, you just hold your hand up and say, well done to the opposition. But that particular night, there was a distinct lack of effort from one or two individuals. It wasn’t good to see.”