Ex-Canberra Raiders man Curtis Scott finds new club – and his new teammates aren’t happy

Ex-Canberra Raiders man Curtis Scott has found a new club – but his new teammates are far from happy.

Scott was hoping to rejuvenate himself and his career with the Parramatta Eels this season but the NRL refused to let him play.

Scott, who was getting ready to play golf with his new partner when he was arrested, was taken to Sutherland Police Station just days before pre-season.

The charges against the 24-year-old include two counts of intentionally trying to choke a person with recklessness, two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, stalk/intimidate intend fear physical etc harm (domestic), and three counts of common assault (DV) against a former ‘childhood sweetheart’, according to 9 News.

On the field, Scott has had mixed results, but he was part of the Melbourne Grand Final-winning side back in 2017 as well as being part of the Storm side that lost in the year after to the Sydney Roosters.

Both police and the NRL had known for years about the allegations of domestic violence, but Scott’s former partner had not acted on them – until now.

Scott is already set to sue police for wrongful arrest following an incident back in 2020, whilst he was arrested for a nightclub brawl last year.

The Daily Telegraph has now revealed that eight members of the Thirlmere Roosters Old Boys network have angrily handed back their memberships in protest at the club’s decision to sign Scott last weekend.

“Everyone deserves a second chance but I don’t think they should have signed him. How many chances has he had? That’s our main beef,” a source close to the Thirlmere Old Boys said.

“We have all pulled out of the Old Boys. It’s separate (entity) to the Thirlmere football club but half the money we raise goes back to the club. There are eight Old Boys who have already pulled out and I think more will follow.

“But as long as the club doesn’t lose any sponsorship money – and unless the whole Old Boys movement walks away — then Thirlmere will probably keep him.

“Curtis needs to spend two or three years working like the rest of us and then he might come back and appreciate being paid 500 grand a year. There are a few guys at the club that love him, apparently he’s popular after training at the pub.”

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